Friday, December 16, 2011

Clean Hands... Clean Face

Me & the ladies I've served with... Beauty in Afghanistan

In my other life I spend days digging trenches, shooting at silhouettes, and making sure my ducklings are all in a row.  My nails get dirty and my cuticles torn; my skin burned by sand and wind.  I get an opportunity to shop in foreign lands and eat eccentric foods, at least for my palate.   I’m an Army reservist, a Soldier; some would call me one of America’s many heroes.  In response I simply say, “Thank you,” and “Sure!”  

I enjoy living two lives.  One as a tough, war fighting Soldier on the weekends, and the other as a fashionista during the week and after 1700 hrs. (5 p.m.) on the weekends.  Most don’t believe I joined the military, let alone the Army; they don’t let you wear earrings in uniform.  However as a military brat it called to me, especially when my super exclusive membership card (my dependent ID) was revoked.

I’ve been in two wars in the past 5 years, and it has been wear and tear on my skin.  I work extra hard to reduce my pores and keep my pretty hands! I exfoliate as often as possible, wear gloves when my Soldiering duties have me out in the elements, and visit the spa when my at home routines need a little kick.

So without further ado:

Clean Hands... Clean Face

One of my most basic tips is to wash your hands first and then wash your face.  It gives your soap a fighting chance of combatting the dirt on your face, and not pulling double duty. It will also save on the amount of cleanser you find yourself using.

I do this before I wash my face everyday!  And sometimes I’m surprised at how dirty my hands actually are.  Especially after a day of being a Soldier out in the field.

So… try the tip and let me know how it works for you!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Random: My Airport Pet Peeve

Me to a T

While we’re on the topic of traveling, I want to take a tip from my fellow blogger, Jahzara, the Savvy Diva, and rant... I hope you don’t mind.

I’m a frequent traveler, be it plane, train or automobile; I like to go places.

When flying I battle with picking a flight before the prices skyrocket, getting to the airport on time, appearing completely aloof at the weight of my luggage. . .(I know, I know, I said I was getting better), and finally having 50-11 carry-on’s going through security.

Obviously I have a lot going on when preparing to fly, so when I get there I would like as little hassle as possible! Pending gate changes and out of the blue weather patterns that delay or cancel my flights, I fair pretty well.  I make it through security with the usual nonsense, get to my gate and get settled.  Then simply wait my turn to board the flight.

The beginning...  I've found my spot!
I sleep on almost all flights, I usually don’t have annoying neighbors, and I’m pretty quick with getting off the plane, of course only after having lots of help getting my 50-11 carry-ons out of the overhead compartment.  I don’t come off the plane and stand around, in the way, wandering what to do next,  I move swiftly.  Turning my phone on, placing the appropriate phone calls (i.e. "I’ve landed, where are you?"; "I’ve made it safely, I’ll call when I get to the hotel"; and the usual, "My phone is going to die soon, so just look for me outside!"), heading directly to baggage claim, forgoing the bathroom pit stop I know I need to make, and grabbing one of those carts to haul my load. 

Here comes the rant. . .

Monday, November 14, 2011

Operation Bring It Home: Luggage

I don’t travel well!

Reminiscent of my last trip
My purse is always exploding with last minute items I forgot to pack (but really couldn’t fit in my already too full luggage).  When it comes to weekend getaways I travel like I’m preparing for a natural disaster… leave nothing behind!  Everyone hates traveling with me because my luggage is always too heavy and awkward.  I swear I’m getting better, but in reality all I’ve really done is decided to better pack my excess or ship ahead!  But to do this I need good quality luggage. 

Did you know luggage isn’t cheap?  Finding a great fashion forward set or coordinating pieces on a budget is hard to do. I love to shop and spend money, but when I’m on a mission to find something specific and at a certain price, nothing can stand in my way! So with a little diligence I set out on one of my “Operation Bring It Home” hauls!  

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Meet Me. . . Black Beauty

Grandma Grace
I came into this world an independent diva. My beautiful grandmothers taught me early on the steps to maintain beauty.  My grandmothers Carolyn and Grace, always the ladies of the house, made sure my manners and etiquette were on point.  Helping my Grandma Grace put together her church outfits for Sunday, catch up on her soaps, and water her beautiful hydrangeas were the highlights of my early days.

Travel a few years and I was introduced to the hard working lady known as Dollie McGrew, my mother’s mother. My “Grammy” was a working woman who always took care of her family. She was the Avon lady. Dressers and cabinets covered and stocked with Avon’s latest scents and eye shadow shades.  I bathed in the samples (then was scrubbed with the Skin So Soft Soaps), running to the bathroom to try on the reddest of the reds and beautiful bright blue eye shadow mimicking Karyn White and Whitney Houston’s 90’s looks!

It wasn’t until my middle school years that I realized all of those women had instilled in me the most basic of beauty and fashion rules.  I went through middle school and high school dressed ready for an after school fashion show.  Always sitting in class passing notes about my most recent shopping adventure or what was next to buy at the mall.  Sharing my tips for hair and skin maintenance as young girls do.

I attempted modeling but height wasn’t working in my favor. I had to settle for being fashion forward with my own creations and strut my stuff through the halls of Kalamazoo Central High School. With a passion for fashion and the height of an elementary age model how was I to share my love with the world.

I bring this blog to teenagers and young women of today who want to know tips and tricks that aren’t always shared with us as we grow into adulthood.
I hope this blog inspires, enlightens, and strengthens the knowledge to be your best you. . . I’m not Oprah, I’ll let her work on the inside while together we work on the outside ;)