Monday, November 14, 2011

Operation Bring It Home: Luggage

I don’t travel well!

Reminiscent of my last trip
My purse is always exploding with last minute items I forgot to pack (but really couldn’t fit in my already too full luggage).  When it comes to weekend getaways I travel like I’m preparing for a natural disaster… leave nothing behind!  Everyone hates traveling with me because my luggage is always too heavy and awkward.  I swear I’m getting better, but in reality all I’ve really done is decided to better pack my excess or ship ahead!  But to do this I need good quality luggage. 

Did you know luggage isn’t cheap?  Finding a great fashion forward set or coordinating pieces on a budget is hard to do. I love to shop and spend money, but when I’m on a mission to find something specific and at a certain price, nothing can stand in my way! So with a little diligence I set out on one of my “Operation Bring It Home” hauls!  

Here were my luggage requirements:

  1. Multiple Pieces, sold separately
  2. 4 Wheels
  3. Clean, fashion forward design
  4. Jessica Simpson, Calvin Klein. . .no thanks
  5.  Largest piece <$100
Why, you ask, do I have these requirements for luggage? Travel often and you’ll find that buying a complete set at a flat price will occasionally result in at least one of those pieces not meeting the quality you expect.  Being able to pick and choose individual pieces allows you to test the handles, the zippers, etc.

 You probably think, like I did, that the more wheels the easier it is to handle!  Most likely this is true however, two wheeled luggage is fine as well.  Keep in mind that maneuvering through busy airports with a topsy turvy piece of luggage makes for a missed flight (i.e. a bad day). This is where quality versus quantity becomes important.  Think Hummer with bicycle wheels. <<<That’s not what you want!

 Loud designs are just not my style, I prefer clean, classic lines, but do you!  Choose a design that represents you, and you won’t hate after a few years or worse… months!  You’d be surprised how connections are made simply over a conversation about luggage.

While I love designers for the great items they create, shoes, clothing, and fragrances, I don’t always find that the value I expect to get across their collections always translates to their luggage lines!  Jessica Simpson is not known for luggage, so why would you make that your must have luggage brand?

And finally, price.  I was on a mission and I wanted 3-4 pieces for less than $200.  It was definitely possible, I just had to hold on and be strong and run to every discount department store the DMV offers to find “IT”!   I started at T.J. Maxx, they had to have it, but I couldn’t find more than a single piece that I loved.  Then on to their sister store, Marshall’s, with fingers crossed.  I came close; found 2 pieces I really liked, but the large piece was $89.99 and I was really hoping for at least 3 pieces, so no deal!  My mother then suggested Burlington Coat Factory. . .I am not a fan of BCF.  I didn’t like the vibe I got from this store the few times I did walk through its doors, but I always listen to my Katie (Hey Mom!). So into Burlington I went and out I came with 2 beautiful pieces  that I was sure would hold all my items!
Oh wait. . .that pictures shows 3 pieces . . .well. . .um,. . As I was packing my shoes, nail polish, coats for summer and winter, jackets for spring and fall (you just never know!) my suitcases just wouldn’t come to a complete close.  So 1 hour later, including a mad dash to BCF, I gave in and purchased an additional piece.  Now I have room for all those Calvin Klein and Jessica Simpson dresses I bought while searching for my great luggage!


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