Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Random: My Airport Pet Peeve

Me to a T

While we’re on the topic of traveling, I want to take a tip from my fellow blogger, Jahzara, the Savvy Diva, and rant... I hope you don’t mind.

I’m a frequent traveler, be it plane, train or automobile; I like to go places.

When flying I battle with picking a flight before the prices skyrocket, getting to the airport on time, appearing completely aloof at the weight of my luggage. . .(I know, I know, I said I was getting better), and finally having 50-11 carry-on’s going through security.

Obviously I have a lot going on when preparing to fly, so when I get there I would like as little hassle as possible! Pending gate changes and out of the blue weather patterns that delay or cancel my flights, I fair pretty well.  I make it through security with the usual nonsense, get to my gate and get settled.  Then simply wait my turn to board the flight.

The beginning...  I've found my spot!
I sleep on almost all flights, I usually don’t have annoying neighbors, and I’m pretty quick with getting off the plane, of course only after having lots of help getting my 50-11 carry-ons out of the overhead compartment.  I don’t come off the plane and stand around, in the way, wandering what to do next,  I move swiftly.  Turning my phone on, placing the appropriate phone calls (i.e. "I’ve landed, where are you?"; "I’ve made it safely, I’ll call when I get to the hotel"; and the usual, "My phone is going to die soon, so just look for me outside!"), heading directly to baggage claim, forgoing the bathroom pit stop I know I need to make, and grabbing one of those carts to haul my load. 

Here comes the rant. . .

Civilized enough
So now that I’ve done my part, and have moved with due diligence to the appropriate baggage claim belt, why am I then accosted by people who don’t respect my personal space, or feel that practically knocking me down to get to what may or may not be their luggage is appropriate?  I’ve lived 27 years on this earth and I don’t know of a time that the luggage belt didn’t move? Do you?  I find a spot, stand there and wait for my luggage to "magically" appear before me.  I don’t run to meet it before it’s had a chance to see the sites or run around the belt touching every piece of black luggage checking to see if it belongs to me or someone in my traveling party.

And this is when my blood pressure rises!
I buy luggage that I will immediately recognize as mine and simply wait for it to appear.  So to all my fellow frequent or non-travelers alike here is my usual tip: buy fashion forward luggage that suits you.  Understand that the belt moves and you don’t have to meet your luggage in front of where someone appears to be standing.  And finally when taking it off the moving belt plant your feet, have a slight bend in your knee and waist, and grab with two hands!

UPDATE:  For more tips with your holiday travels, or anytime of the year traveling checkout Colesville Travel's weblog.  You've find tips for everything from staying safe while traveling to how to choose a destination sure to leave you with great memories.  As I am a frequent traveler having some of these tips in my knowledge bank will ensure stress free travel, that allows me to sit back, relax and enjoy my destinations.

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  1. Black Beauty Diva, you've done it again. I'm impressed.
    I'm sure I would be the lady you'd become annoyed with as I shuffle the items in my purse several times while we're standing in line to board the plane, standing in line waiting to get to our assigned seats, and standing in line as we exit the plane. Your level of annoyance increases because you don't understand that my habitual inventory check is my way of ensuring myself that an invisible thief hasn't lifted my possessions -- my boarding pass, receipts and I.D. from the hidden pocket inside my purse.
    BTW...I really like the post, the blog format and background. Cute. Keep up the good work.

    Jahzara, The Savvy Diva

  2. @Jahzara The Savvy Diva

    Thank you!

    I can understand that! Making sure you have everything, that is. I'm not sure about the invisible thief, but with my many carry-on's I'm sure to leave something behind and am guilty of the triple check.

    When traveling whether alone or with others, what drives you crazy about the process?


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