Friday, December 16, 2011

Clean Hands... Clean Face

Me & the ladies I've served with... Beauty in Afghanistan

In my other life I spend days digging trenches, shooting at silhouettes, and making sure my ducklings are all in a row.  My nails get dirty and my cuticles torn; my skin burned by sand and wind.  I get an opportunity to shop in foreign lands and eat eccentric foods, at least for my palate.   I’m an Army reservist, a Soldier; some would call me one of America’s many heroes.  In response I simply say, “Thank you,” and “Sure!”  

I enjoy living two lives.  One as a tough, war fighting Soldier on the weekends, and the other as a fashionista during the week and after 1700 hrs. (5 p.m.) on the weekends.  Most don’t believe I joined the military, let alone the Army; they don’t let you wear earrings in uniform.  However as a military brat it called to me, especially when my super exclusive membership card (my dependent ID) was revoked.

I’ve been in two wars in the past 5 years, and it has been wear and tear on my skin.  I work extra hard to reduce my pores and keep my pretty hands! I exfoliate as often as possible, wear gloves when my Soldiering duties have me out in the elements, and visit the spa when my at home routines need a little kick.

So without further ado:

Clean Hands... Clean Face

One of my most basic tips is to wash your hands first and then wash your face.  It gives your soap a fighting chance of combatting the dirt on your face, and not pulling double duty. It will also save on the amount of cleanser you find yourself using.

I do this before I wash my face everyday!  And sometimes I’m surprised at how dirty my hands actually are.  Especially after a day of being a Soldier out in the field.

So… try the tip and let me know how it works for you!


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